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Rob Vardeman
Not just the president, but also a devoted player and an overall engaging sorta' guy, Rob spends his days steering the mighty Munzee ship forward, keeping gameplay fresh, and perpetually reinventing the energetic fun that makes Munzee great!
Scott Foster
Co-Founder and VP of Technology
A self proclaimed Apple Fanboy, Scott loves all kinds of technology and programming. Holds a degree in MIS from University of Texas at Dallas and was in the US Air Force (not a pilot). He makes sure the servers work; all while having a loving wife, 3 kids, 1 cat, and no gall bladder.
Daniel Fischer
Backend Developer
Together with Scott, Daniel develops the backend services and keeps the Munzee wheel turning faster every day. Living in Germany, he holds a Masters Degree (Dipl.-Inf.) in Applied Computer Science and tries to get out and play the game in the fields as often as possible.
Trish Vandehey
Graphics Designer
As a designer and creator of many things, Trish finds herself at home creating colorful contributions to Munzee. When she isn't working or juggling a gaggle of kids she loves playing munzee, shoes and adventure in the great outdoors.
Daniel Hammock
Player Support
Daniel's dreams came true when we bestowed him the opportunity of a lifetime: answering Help Desk tickets and being the friendly face of Munzee player support. He spends his free time "paying it forward" in his local Munzee community and taking the fam out for crazy Youtube adventures.
Dylan Derryberry
Director of Creative Operations
A man who sorta has a plan. He used to wear ties to work, but then Team Munzee broke him into a more laid back jeans and polo kind of guy- or brightly colored suits on special occasions. He studied Journalism at the University of Kansas where he separated his shoulder playing ice hockey. He makes fun of himself, so it’s OK if he makes fun of you.
Matthew McCann
Director of Media and Player Relations
Sports fanatic? Tech lover? Crazy person? Matthew is that and more. Always connected and always going, he spends most of his days trying to help make Munzee better for everyone. #rob2.0
Louise Gibson
Munzee Events Manager
Louise lives just outside London in England, has a background in sales (if selling Guinness to the Irish counts), has a BSc Degree in European Business and is fluent in French. She’s Mummy to 2 little boys and is a seriously competitive road cyclist. She is passionate about everything she does and loves to have fun.
Cecie Newman
VP of Awesomeness
Originally a Cali girl now living in a Texas world. She started sweeping the Marketplace floor over 2 years and now she is the glue that holds Munzee together.
Robbie McGuire
WallaBee Manager
Robbie works with WallaBee, focusing on community building and player support. When not putting out forum fires, he enjoys gaming, playing ultimate, and spending time with Kelsey, his wife.
Judy Nguyen
Front End Developer/Designer
Judy graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in Arts and Technology. She has an obsession with learning new things and also enjoys playing video games, and dabbling in arts and crafts. She has a white cat named Kitty (she was lazy naming her).
Teraca Grim
Director of Retail operations, Human Resources and Accounting
Teraca has a degree in Psychology, which has come in handy at Munzee. True crime fan and TV Junkie (she sleeps with TV on the ID channel at night).. When Teraca is not working at Munzee she is most likely at one of her daughters Soccer practices or games! Lover of all animals especially her 3 cats and 1 dog!
Sheryl Marusic
Queen of all trades
Sheryl is originally from PA but now resides in Texas with her husband. She works in the supplies, shipping, and accounting department for Munzee. She is a devoted wife and mother of five children. She loves the outdoors and hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her husband. She is having an awesome time working at Munzee!
Donovan Carreno
Mobile App Developer
Donovan has a loving wife and 3 dogs. Has a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois, but ended up pursuing his passion for programming. In his off time he enjoys working out, especially Olympic weightlifting, and playing guitar.
John Rogeles
Graphic Artist/Game Designer
A graduate from Full Sail University, John is looking to add a whole new flavor to the colorful concoction that is the Munzee team! He strives to bring innovation through his art and other methods of design. When free he enjoys spending time with his family and friends or creating prototypes of all sorts of wacky games.