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Please make sure you are aware of the world around you while playing Munzee. Watch for cars if you’re near a road. Watch for holes so you don’t fall in one. Watch for critters that bite and plants that might give you a rash. Be careful and be aware- you never know when a Unicorn may stampede by!


Do not trespass on private property without permission from the owner while playing Munzee. If someone doesn’t want you there, then find another place to play. The world is a big place!


Respect the earth (and your fellow earthlings) and leave it clean after playing Munzee. When deploying Munzee stickers be sure to pick up any leftover paper or sticker backings. Maybe even pick up other trash as you go along!


Always make sure you’ve got plenty of water, good shoes, and a backup battery pack. Check the weather report for any conditions that might make it dangerous to play Munzee. Our stickers may be weatherproof, but you're not!

For more information, check out the Player Code of Conduct: