Player Code Of Conduct

As a Munzee Player I agree to:

Please make sure you are aware of the world around you while playing Munzee. Watch for cars if you’re near a road. Watch for holes so you don’t fall in one. Watch for critters that bite and plants that might give you a rash. Be careful and be aware- you never know when a Unicorn may stampede by!

Follow all local, state, and federal laws while hunting and deploying Munzees. Do not trespass on private property without permission from the owner while playing Munzee. If someone doesn’t want you there, then find another place to play*. The world is a big place!

Respect the earth (and your fellow earthlings) and leave it clean after playing Munzee. When deploying Munzee stickers be sure to pick up any leftover paper or sticker backings. Maybe even pick up other trash as you go along!

Always make sure you’ve got plenty of water, good shoes, and a backup battery pack. Check the weather report for any conditions that might make it dangerous to play Munzee. Our stickers may be weatherproof, but you're not!

*Clarification to seeking permission. Amusement parks, inside zoos, airports, government buildings and private businesses are all examples of off-limits areas. Some outlet malls or public shopping spaces may also refuse deployment of munzees. If you receive permission to deploy in any of these areas you should be have it written in the notes of that munzee. Only official Virtual Munzees may be placed in these locations. 

 Prohibited Actions:

  • Players are not allowed to publicly (or privately) share their munzee barcodes or secret codes - unless they are social munzees. *Exception: friendly field maintenance for a player who can't maintain their munzee.*
  • Physical Munzees are to be present at the location you specify on the map when deploying.
  • Players must be physically present at the location when capturing or deploying a physical munzee. It it prohibited to share user information for ghost capture or using other means to virtually teleport to multiple locations (Mock GPS or other means).  
    • While team/family play is encouraged, please do not send members of a team (registered to and using a single account) to multiple locations all over a city at the same time.  
    • One account is meant to be used in one location by a team, not spread over a large distance. This is a great case for creating individual accounts.
  • Virtual Munzees can be deployed from anywhere in the world, but must be captured within a certain range. 
  • Premium Munzee Members may have up to 3 accounts logged in per phone.  If more than one account is in use, each player must be present.
  • Munzees can not be deployed or housed within 150 feet of another munzee by the same player. Other types of munzees like Motel Munzees may require a wider radius. This can vary by type.  
  • Munzees can not be deployed or housed within 50 feet of another munzee by a different player.
  • No more than one munzee can be deployed per location, regardless of who the munzee owner is. *Exclusions for those placed before proximity rules put in place. (mid year 2012)*
  • Do not deploy Munzees on educational campuses used for students under age 18*.  In addition, deployments should not be placed on or near playground equipment in parks.  *Exclusions available with prior consent from school administration and MHQ (Munzee Game Headquarters located in McKinney, Texas)*
  • Abuse of the offline queue or excessive upload is prohibited. Storing captures or deploys in the queue in preparation for a special points day or weekend is strictly prohibited. Points will be removed. The offline queue is a backup tool, not designed for primary use. Use as necessary when data/wifi is not accessible
  • Use of mock GPS app, device, program or any means of using fake location data for the purpose of capture or deploy is strictly prohibited.
  • Abusive language, bullying, or stalking by any member of the player community will not be tolerated. This applies to players bullying other players or players bullying or using abusive language with Freeze Tag/Munzee representatives. This applies to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), whether it is an official Munzee page or Munzee player-organized social pages, email sent to any member of the Munzee or Freeze Tag team, journal entries, forums (such as Discord), messaging features or any form of communication between players and/or to Freeze Tag/Munzee representatives. 
  • No inappropriate naming of Munzees. This is a family-friendly game, so please keep it clean.
    • Examples of inappropriate munzee names include:
      • Any use of profanity or vulgar terms.
      • Naming other Munzee players in a negative way.
      • Any attack on MHQ or Freeze Tag. 
  • Creation of fake accounts. Each account must be created by the person in possession. Fake account and all associated points will be removed permanently with primary account holder receiving one month ban.   *Exception: School-aged children accompanied by consenting adult*
  • Use of a Munzee (of any kind) to raise funds for personal projects or fundraisers is not permitted without full permission from MHQ.  This includes links from Munzee to external fundraising sites, use of Munzee captures as a reward for contribution, or any other act deemed inappropriate use by MHQ.
  • Unauthorized use of trademark or copyright image/design/logo/information on deployed Munzee skins.
  • Players shall not leave "Unable to Locate" or "Needs Repair" entries on munzee unless they are certain the munzee is not at the location.
  • Munzees must be deployed where other players can capture them.
  • Munzees can not be deployed on private property where only the land owner can capture the munzee. If deployed on your property, you accept that other players can come onto your property to capture them. If you do not want players on your property, do not deploy munzees there.
  • Munzees can not be undeployed and redeployed to block others from capturing them. If you see this done, please report to support so the munzee can be archived.

Violation of any part of this Code of Conduct will result in a full ban for an undetermined period of time based on severity of violation (minimum seven days) at the sole discretion of MHQ.  Ban applies to the app, website, forums, and player will not earn any residual points during the ban.  If you are in a clan, you will be removed for the current battle, points removed from clan score, and no replacement player will be added.

Munzee reserves the right to take action against player activity that it considers, in its sole discretion, offensive, objectionable, irresponsible, violative of the Player Code of Conduct or in any other way inappropriate for the Munzee community and game. Specifically, we may take action against any player activity that could be considered: - Abusive, hateful, discriminatory, dangerous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or attacking others. Actions that may fall under "cyber-bullying" are taken seriously by Munzee. 

We recommend all players familiarize themselves with -cyberbullying happens to people of all ages and will not be tolerated. - Vulgar, obscene, sexually suggestive, or otherwise offensive - Fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, unlawful, spam or solicitations of any kind - Violations of player privacy and invasive observation of player activity ("stalking", in-game and via Munzee supported properties. This includes activity not in compliance with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions) - Deliberate disruption of gameplay, events, or player activity.