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1,428 Days Old

Mythological Badges

  • First Class Unicorn Finder

  • Second Class Unicorn Tracker

  • Third Class Unicorn Trainer

  • First Class Leprechaun Finder

  • Second Class Leprechaun Tracker

  • Third Class Leprechaun Trainer

  • First Class Dragon Finder

  • Second Class Dragon Tracker

  • Third Class Dragon Trainer

  • First Class Yeti Finder

  • Second Class Yeti Tracker

  • Third Class Yeti Trainer

  • Hoplite Faun Finder

  • Battalion Faun Tracker

  • Brigadier Faun Trainer

  • Hoplite Hydra Finder

  • Battalion Hydra Tracker

  • Brigadier Hydra Trainer

  • Hoplite Pegasus Finder

  • Battalion Pegasus Tracker

  • Brigadier Pegasus Trainer

  • Hoplite Cyclops Finder

  • Battalion Cyclops Tracker

  • Brigadier Cyclops Trainer