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MN North Stars

Shine on!


10 Days of Activity (Activity includes a capture OR deploy on any day, excluding socials)
At least 3 POB Captures
At least 275 Total Caps of any types of munzees (excluding social)
At least 2500 Physical points (includes Cap, CapOn, and Deploy)
At least 400 Evolution points (includes Cap, CapOn, and Deploy)
At least 32500 Total points

At least 5 MOBs
At least 150 POBs
At least 70 Places Captures
At least 40 Jewel Cap/Deploy
At least 50 Evolution Cap/Deploy
At least 3250 Total Captures
At least 200 Total Deploys of any type
At least 7500 Total Evolution points
At least 60000 Total Physical points
At least 500000 Total Points