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Gypsy Pyrates

Arrrrr you having fun yet?

Hail and well met, Me Hearties!

Iffin' ye be seeking tae join a crew of seafarin' skallawag treasure hunters, ye be comin' tae the right place! We are a diverse and welcoming band of Gypsies and Pyrates from the Central Coast of California, but we are acceptin' of all sorts from around the world. Iffin' ye wish tae sign the account and set sail with this merry band of misfits, then be lettin' me know and I shall add ye tae the account. Iffin' ye are nae able tae set tae our course right now, we shall attempt tae, I mean recruit....aye, that's it, recruit ye when next we set back tae port.

Although we all sail in many seas and seek each other out upon the Wynds we do hope tae meet up in person someday when we are in the same port. In the meantime, let us set all of our ship's courses for capturin' the treasured Munzees and building up our brethren of the seas. I am the Commodore U'Alladore, but ye are each captain and masters of yer own ships within this here fleet. Iffin' ye be needin' tae reach me whilst I am out tae sea, send a banded seagull with yer missive tae my valet. Good on ye Mates, and may the Wynd be ever in yer sails!

Sir "CommodoreUAlladore"