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Munzee officially started July 1st, 2011, but the idea behind the company was developed in 2008. The co-founders of Munzee, Aaron Benzick, Scott Foster, Chris Pick, and Josh Terkelsen came up with a game that used QR codes, but the necessary smart phone technology and capabilities were not available at the time. The name Munzee was derived from the German word for "coin" or Münze. The extra “e” was added to make the name more catchy. The original idea was to place QR codes on poker chips or rounded coins.

In the beginning, most players and deployments were in Germany and the United States, but in less than 3 years, the game has caught on in over 232 countries worldwide with more than 361,114 players and 241,515,432 captures. There is at least 1 physical munzee deployed on every continent in the world, including Antarctica.

As of October 2013, Rob Vardeman took over the reins as President of Munzee. The main goal of Munzee is to make a game that is free and fun for everyone. So much has been added to Munzee including Clans, Badges, and new munzee types...and it’s only getting started.
"Munzee is an evolving game with a bright future. Players can look forward to fresh gameplay and ideas on a regular basis. The core of Munzee will always be a free app with perks available to those who support us through a premium membership." - Rob Vardeman, President